Just Think of Me As the Pages in Your Diary

I am going to figure out how to fucking use tumblr and delete my facebook. Too many racist bigots prejudice assholes on there. Way too ignorant for my taste.


can someone explain to me how¬† use tumblr? i’ve been out of this world realm fo quite a bit. lo

Easy Does It…

i’m sober. i’m happy. i’ve turned my life around. i have a future, i have a life. i have hope.

it’s like i have this curse where i’m forever stuck in the “friend zone”

To Katia <3

  • i was drunk all last semester so i dropped out before i would fail. i got fired from my job two days later. ever since i'm broke, starving, friendless because everyone went home, parents don't give a shit. and i'm here in this town alone with no car. i had a bike but i got hit by a car so it's stuck at the post office and no one will take me there. oh, i've been baker acted and hospitalized in the same week. was a pot head and alcoholic but i can no longer afford my addiction so i lay in bed on facebook all day or go upstairs to watch tv with my herein addict neighbors. legit no one cares about me. my friends at home don't want anything to do with me and so i sit and try to forget everything.
  • thanks for being my texting buddy. i need you right now.

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

when the bottles are empty and the baggies are gone and you define yourself as nothing, then i suppose you really are nothing.

Barbie Girl

We live in a world where pretty girls have their lives set for them. i’ve noticed that pretty girls often have their lives together. they have more friends, they connect with their family and most importantly they have lovers. it’s a science: hot Barbies’ wind up with hot Kens’. i’ve only grown up with hot Barbie’s. and i always wondered as a child why my hair wouldn’t do that trick and why my stomach wouldn’t shrink to unimaginable sizes like the “hot Barbie’s”. and for the longest time i always sat and wondered why i could never get hot Kens’. i figure it’s because i’m not programmed to get them. i have hood in my blood. i am my father’s daughter when it comes to the ghettos of Columbia, South Carolina. honestly, sadly, that’s where i belong. that’s where i would be most accepted. but i would be pregnant with my third baby by now and probably a prostitute of some sort. i probably wouldn’t be happy but i wouldn’t be so alone. not sure, but i know i would be at least somewhat appreciated. i would have my family, my blood behind my back at all times. they would fight for me, kill for me, die for me, bail me out of trouble. i know that. i need to find them. i hate the fact that that’s where i belong but it’s the truth. i belong with a Tupac, not a Timberlake.

i believe i like her unofficial music video better. her official, most recent video for this song is ridiculously sexy. like HOTTTT but i don’t know, this was her first video and it was true to herself, not Hollywood. but i love both of them.